More Than Just a Ring!

A man goes up to the bar and orders a drink, the girl next to him says, ‘I like your ring’. He smiles. ‘What’s the design?’ she asks. Ten minutes later they’re still engrossed in conversation.

And all this because of the ring? Well yeah, why not? Think about it. What would happen if you went out dressed in a bright pink fluffy poncho and silver boots? You're going to get noticed right! This way of standing out has worked for hundreds of years. Wearing rings is obviously more subtle but they still catch the eye, trigger intrigue and therefore draw attention.

Your rings reflect your personality and make a statement about you. They are seen as a point of interest and curiosity, especially to potential suitors. They say ‘Hey, I'm here, look at me'. 

Top Tip: Wearing your most eye-catching rings on your dominant hand makes sense as this is the hand used for gesturing. They get noticed.

So, on which fingers should you wear your rings?

Answer: Who gives a flying fcuk! Ok, a bit brutal but we’re right. Don’t be told what to do! You are unique, you can do whatever you want. There is tradition though and like an unwanted dose of herpes we'd be wrong to just ignore it! Here’s a bit of mythology mixed with modern-day insight.


Left hand ‘ring finger’ is for marriage. Not you? Moving swiftly on then…


Index finger of either hand is often used for bold rings as it symbolises power and authority. Now, you can’t have too much of that can you?


The ‘pinky finger’ is for those who want to be different. If it’s good enough for Tony Soprano and Ryan Gosling then don’t fight it! Own it, and own it with confidence.


The middle finger of either hand has no real significance but is a valid option. Feel free to adorn it as you see fit!


If you really want to stand out stick a big fcuk-off signet on your thumb! This usually does the trick and is guaranteed to break the ice...or we’ll give you your money back!  


Gold, Silver, Black, Coloured? Variety is the spice of life; some people prefer a Slippery Nipple over a Sambuca, it's your choice! Get it right - people comment. Get it wrong - people comment. You’ve really nothing to lose!


Signet or Band Rings? The signet ring is bigger and bolder and 'could' suggest a more confident person but the band ring certainly isn’t an understudy or boring...wearing no ring is boring. There are some really vibrant looking band rings that stand out and demand attention. Both signet and band rings can be powerful eye-catching symbols on those nights out when you want to steal the limelight.


Plain or patterned? Personal choice my friend, whatever you choose, we’ll back you all the way!


How many rings are you going to wear? We’d suggest anything between two and ten! More Rings = More Intrigue. You can’t say Vinnie Woolston and Harry Styles aren’t interesting to look at! What would it be like if you were to carry this off, if you unlocked your seductive appeal through ring adorned fingers that hypnotise? You can imagine it now if you like. You may never look back!


So…be you, be seen, be intriguing and above all…two (ring adorned) fingers to anyone who says you can’t do it your way!


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